AZTEC 1521


Turkish jewellers TERZIHAN unveils the high jewellery line of its Neutra Collection with wild and natural stones, bold lines, and a sharp formblending past and present of the Aztec and  Mesoamerican culture, in Couture Show 2022,
Las Vegas.

The Neutra Collection consists 5 different main forms, dedicated to 5 different cultures of the world: Balance
to Far East, Aztec to South America, Cairo to Middle East, Dome to South Europe, Accra to Africa, Nord to Northern Europe. Now, the high jewellery
collection of the 38 year old Turkish jewellery brand dedicated to its signature collection, is launched with the ‘’Aztec 1521’’ Necklace made in 93 grams of 18kt rose gold, 7.66 cts of F color VS clarity diamonds, all
natural black onyx and lapis lazuli. 


Our looks

The form inspired by the Aztecs, their characteristics and cultural signatures: featuring a geometric appeal with triangular forms as an ode to Aztec’s Templo Mayor with subtle tones highlighting the warrior identity of the empire with the use of all natural lapis lazuli and black onyx.

The name; 1521 Aztec, comes from the year theempire has fallen and it is symbolized with the of same number of diamonds in the making of the necklace. The piece will be shown for the first time during Couture Show 2022, in Las Vegas.