For the colorful and bold Kameleona Collection, Terzihan created a series of animals’ medallions;
5 distinctive animals designed uniquely and produced each in 3 pieces only.
Carefully chosen between the limitless beautiful creatures living amongst us, either in the sea, soil
and air, Terzihan imagined each one of them within their own nature, their own colors.

The Aqua Goldfish

The life aquatic is another world. Terzihan imagined this habitat mainly with usual
colors of blue, green and white. Our Goldfish with the fancy tail wanders around,

showing off its precious stones:
Diamonds, Aquamarines, Sapphires and Tsavorites.


Our Panda is designed within its special habitat of bamboos, leaves and forest.

Use of matte white gold, textured details on every spot, full pave black & white diamonds on the animal makes this medallion special. Grumpy is always in quest for
food, and fun.


The Golden Deer is wisest of all the animals. Knows better, behaves kinder. Always watching others, and protecting everyone.
Not only his body, also his heart is gold, and his eyes are sharp blue.


Our Hummingbird is an idle and lazy animal; a source of joy with its mischief. Black Rhodium plated and rose 18 kt gold, along with black, white and cognac diamonds works in harmony for this unique bird’s body and habitat.

A beautiful Colombian Drop Emreald complements the beauty.


Our Fox symbolizes dignity with its silver color within the rose gold nature, surrounded with black and champagne color diamonds, just like the dangerous life surrounding it within the wild nature.